Sometimes, the algorithm bombards me with cookie-cutter pop songs, at other times, it directs me to authentic pop gold. When the internet churned out a pleasing recommendation, for the Finnish producer turned-pop artist Pastelli. I was immediately drawn to their debut track, “Know Me Better.” Because strikingly, it embraces an indie-pop sound similar to Lauv. The song also showcases Pastelli’s authentic singer-songwriter sensibilities, reminiscent of JORDY‘s music. Recognising both these factors, I felt I needed to share this gem on the blog.

As a music nerd, I love getting the low-down on everything music-related. Hence, after discovering Pastelli’s debut track, “Know Me Better,” I became curious about the artist behind it.

With only a few Instagram posts on their profile, it took some research to uncover more information. I learned that Pastelli is actually the alias of Tuomo Korander, a producer and songwriter who has worked with Vanilla Ice and New Kids On The Block, among others. I found out another interesting fact. Tuomo was one of the songwriting team that penned “Bring Back The Time,” the New Kids collaboration with their Mixtape Tour buddies Rick Astley, Salt-N-Pepa, and En Vogue released last year.

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It appears as most songwriters do, after writing successfully for other music acts, Tuomo felt compelled to begin recording some of his own material for himself. Furthermore, this forms the starting point for the Pastelli project to let the world know who he is.

Know Me Better” is a song about holding onto past romantic relationships when moved on in a physical sense. Therefore, it’s a heartbreak pop song, kinda.

“I let somebody know me better, I thought that I would miss you more, but I wake up and, I feel better because I let somebody, somebody, fall”. Pastelli croons.

Pastelli is a talented artist who excels in both music artistry and songwriting. Absolutely, the debut song has a great flow to it, and the authentic lyrical narrative speaks volumes about the depth of his emotions. It’s not easy for many songwriters to open up and share their deepest vulnerabilities with the world, especially when usually writing for other music artists. Pastelli has truly mastered this boundary and his talent shines through in his solo debut work.

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