Nick McKerl

Up-and-coming singer/songwriter/producer Nick McKerl has a definite air of potential about him.

This is most attributable because the young British artist who is based in France, has some first hand knowledge of working within the industry already since, for the most part, Nick works as part of a songwriting team for other artists and independent labels alike. It was whilst developing his skills further through these activities which have in turn lead to Nick being scouted out and signed up with Warner Chappell to embark upon his own solo project.

After listening to a couple of Nick’s tracks, and whilst even at times reminding us of a little of Owl City, I’m actually quite of the opinion that there is a real possibility that we might have found a new Jamie Scott in our midst. Since on the premise of this multi-talented discovery all the appropriately similar boxes receive a tick.

In choosing to highlight Nicks acoustic tracks “I’ve Seen” and “Let Go”, there is without doubt talent here. There is also an intuitive understanding of what works within a melody and topline to make an effectively pleasing pop song.

Infact, on all accounts these tracks are positively basking in Nick McKerl’s accomplishments, enough so that we resoundingly deem Nick to be worthy of keeping a keen eye on.