Should you have gotton the chills of new found pleasure at VV Brown’s provocatively striking reinvent of sound last year, then consider that newly breaking popular music artist Moxiie is likely to stir up similar pleasure feelings within you.

Self proclaiming the title of The Black Madonna for herself, Brooklyn based Haitian bred Moxiie, sure is one developing pop force to knock one out of the ball park with poundingly alt-pop dominant debut release “Anyway”.

Moxiie’s credentials boast having worked with numerous artists and producers that flood the NYC belt of creative music orientation, which is also inclusive of the up-and-coming recording artist undertaking song writing for others. Whilst previously issuing a most excellent pre-release FREE sampler EP the “Jungle EP” along the way to this official debut.

Clue is in the pre-release EP, as independent aritst Moxiie delivers her first release proper, planted firmly within a rattling, jangling sonic bed of electronic jungle pop rhythms and beset with killer Charli XCX groomed like bubble goth vocals at the centre of it all.

All glued together, the jaggedly arresting left-of-field direction makes for an intriguingly spellbinding mix on the grittier side of dark pop inventive sassiness.

Do we wish to hear more of this? well of course the answer is a resounding yes! since it is all pretty super dope in the FKA Twigs, Charli XCX modern, contemporary pop scheme of things, and anyways we’d prefer to have the likes of Moxiie’s “Anyway” biting into our music veins to provide a bit of dynamically visionary relief, in respite from the more commonly placed deluge of pop candy releases which abound especially, at this time of year.