I am grateful for my Spotify recommendations, putting Danish singer, songwriter, producer Moody on my radar. Just when I was thinking to myself, ‘oh no, the season has changed, here comes the new crop of R’n’B artists,’ (as is what usually happens) Moody’s track “Leave” appeared and immediately turned out to be the right kind of music to my ears.

If you hadn’t already guessed, the track has a heavy synth-pop vibe. At least in terms of style, it is pretty much similar to the electrifying bangers by Chvrches. Real name, Josefine Moody is signed with Universal Music Denmark and has a handful of releases to her name. With the aim, to make songs which we can dance and cry to, the talent puts her sharp songwriting skills into practice on emotive, tracks like, heartbreak pop song “Gotta Get Up” and dreamy “Say The Word.” She has been dropping these offerings like they are hot (they definitely are more hot than tepid, in my opinion) for the last eighteen months, or so. Although, it strikes me that she might require more live performance opportunities under her belt, to have her music really take-off in the way which it should.

I was drawn to Moody because she is on her own vibe, challenging gender norms and has good songs. She unapologetically writes songs about girls, linked in a romantic way. The music world definitely needs more authentic female artists like Moody. She is raising the bar and helping to show other LGBTQ newcomers the way forward. I am hoping that the release “Leave” isn’t going to end up as a bittersweet swan song for this very talented singer. Since I’ve just noticed, she’s posted up an announcement on Facebook that she is taking a Social Media break with immediate effect. The song “Leave” is so good, that I really wanted to support and share it with the EQ readers as I felt you folks would very much appreciate the song and Moody’s artistry, as I do.

Feel stronger, heal Moody… now I have found you, I will be waiting to hear what comes next.

Connect with MOODY
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/moodyxx
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moodyofficial/