It’s interesting how people still assume that only female pop acts can thrive in the bubblegum pop genre. This is nonsense of course, as we have learned stereotyping in this manner is damaging and an outdated way of thinking. It is also imperative to recognize that a male artist can excel in this genre equally well. One such artist is MkX, a triple-threat newcomer from Boston. He has been making waves in his local music scene with dynamic and infectious pop releases. Additionally, he has flexed his songwriting muscles for others as well. By having co-written the track “Young and Wild,” with Kim Petras for K-Pop group TWICE.

Regarding MkX, he doesn’t quite fit into the ‘glam’ label per se but seemingly prefers to be larger than life. While openly admitting, “I like to take everything I do and crank it up to the highest maximum I can“. Whether working with either audio or visual elements. Burgeoning pop-sensation MkX only wants to incorporate the most colourful and pop-emboldened creative ideas into his brand of pop. And it seems like this approach is paying off, especially with his camp, bubblegum pop aesthetic, in mind. His music is a distinct blend of Pop and R&B with high-tech industrial sound design. Using different samples of gadgets and pieces of technology from his childhood, gives the music a unique and nostalgic feel.

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Especially where “Bright Side” the latest track, is concerned. MkX has noticeably put a lot of effort into crafting equally clever and relatable lyrics.

“I’m really into creating records that have a unique level of detail and cleverness in the wordplay but keep them a bit vague so that everyone can connect with them on a personal level”. he explains.

I appreciate artists who inspire people to embrace their individuality and celebrate their uniqueness. Especially, being that this an important message that resonates with many in today’s world. The music video directed by Andy Koeger,combines retro and futuristic elements exuding an uber-level of kitsch. I am impressed that they managed to maintain the distinctive and addictive styling while incorporating such a visually striking aesthetic. “Bright Side” is a perfect example of MkX’s signature 90s/00s-influenced pop style that oozes authenticity. Therefore, it is no surprise that this music will amass broad appeal across different generations.

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