When classical music meets pop, it often results in a fusion that is simply breathtaking. Artists like Vanessa Mae, Lindsey Stirling and Clean Bandit are perfect examples of how classical music can be brought into the mainstream in exciting ways. Indeed, these artists have managed to blend two different styles of music significantly in ways both exciting and mesmerizing. However, there are classically trained artists who choose to evolve their music careers differently. Micah McLaurin is one such artist who has made a remarkable transition from that of a virtuoso pianist to a bona fide pop composer and vocalist. It is quite an achievement for an artist to make such a move. Particularly so, when considering it was very recently that he released an instrumental album, “Diamonds“.

The way music and life intertwine for this artist is amazing. Similarly, because of moving into the pop music genre is not just a career move for him, but markedly a life-affirming venture. In fact it’s a massive step for Micah in his journey of self-discovery and finding his voice. Growing up in a conservative, Southern family that believed in homeschooling and conversion therapy, Micah’s debut foray into pop, “MOONS“, a disco-pop anthem, is a testament to his resilience and determination.

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Furthermore, Micah’s music video is not just a medium for entertainment; it is a statement. Taking inspiration from James Bidgood‘s visionary queer art, the video directed by Luke Abby is a magical world of camp creativity. Micah’s attire, adorned with sequins and feathers, isn’t the only captivating aspect – the muscular dancers add to the allure. Micah is the embodiment of living life authentically as he celebrates the song’s message of realizing the freedom to love. The video is a manifestation of Micah’s creative expression and marks a significant moment in the journey of self-discovery.

It feels amazing to witness someone unlearning the lessons that taught them to suppress their true identity. Micah McLaurin’s debut track “MOONS” marks a new beginning for him as he sings himself into the future. Thus subsequently, I truly believe that embracing your true authentic self is a trend worth following. Furthermore, I’m excited to see Micah exploring this new realm. “MOONS” is just the beginning, and I can’t wait to see what Micah has in store for us.

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