Meet, fast-rising Lebanese artist and songwriter Maro. He writes bops, very-good ones. Slick, indie-pop tracks saturated in lyrical content. He debuted with his first original track “carsick” last year after sparking up some buzz via YouTube clocking up millions of plays with a series of cover songs. What more proof do you need than Maro, to see YouTube still works as a viable platform to launch from. TikTok hasn’t taken over just yet.

Ask the nineteen-year-old what his hopes are for the next twelve months. I fully expect. He will prioritize the rollout of more original tracks, now he’s garnering up rave reviews, and interest from tastemaker blogs. Maro kicks off 2021 with new offering “Take It Back,” a vibey indie-pop track. The song narrative is drenched in nostalgia. This is Maro reminiscing about his high-school days. Recalling good memories and perhaps also missing the people he’s lost touch with. But, hasn’t he just stepped out of high school…am I right? Regardless “Take It Back” sports a jauntily, catchy refrain, induced melody. Transversing a particularly breezy soundscape for a Q1 release. (It sounds more of what is expected in Q2.)

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I am suspecting the track came about as a result of, having a lot more thinking time because of being in lockdown. Maro fondly recollects the fun times of a high-school romance. The giddy, dizzy feelings of happiness before life stepped up a notch, and these times became nothing more than just memories. I really feel Maro has looped back into his feels before this memory so much as fades around the edges. Nonetheless, it is part of the healthy process of figuring out some of the complexities of life situations while transitioning into adulthood.

Forget fact-packed bios. The music is where we get to know Maro better. The lyrical style of storytelling is stamped with the singer-songwriters personality. The buzz around Maro is beginning to spread far and wide. I think he’s serving up music realness that is nothing short of impressive. I can’t wait to hear follow-up music offerings from Maro, and through the music, get to know him more.

Connect with Maro
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarwanDaouu
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rememberthedayz
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rememberthedayz/