Canada produces some excellent singer-songwriters, including some major names, familiar to the pop charts. Shawn Mendes, Carly Rae Jepsen, Justin Bieber, Nelly Furtado, Avril Lavigne and Alanis Morissette have all earned worldwide success. Going on the strength of the release “Best Part of Me,” making a bid to join them is British Columbia born Madison Olds. Since unleashing debut album “Blue” in 2018, the youngster has been releasing tracks which are more in a pop vein. After listening to the latest single, it is completely, understandable why many people are beginning to switch onto this twenty-something. Whether, songwriting or pop crafting, she’s shows some serious potential to make it to radio with the new material she is now sharing.

In little to no time at all, Madison has refined her sound. She’s ready to take the pop world by storm and does a great job of stepping into the role of the brightest, newcomer, with “Best Part of Me.”

Her writing comes from an honest place. Lyrics are steeped in realness while delving deep, exploring the emotions brought to the surface by day-to-day, life.

Madison says…
“It’s fine to take a moment to just feel sad. We don’t always have to appear happy or even okay all the time. I wrote “Best Part of Me” with that in my mind, having felt tired of pretending, and hiding bad days. I think my exact words that day were, it feels really good too just sit on the floor, cry and give into an anxiety attack.”

The way this track has been written and recorded, with insight and musicality, brings on a positive, summer vibe. The personal touches seen through the lyrics make for a powerful package with total conviction behind it. I feel Ellie Goulding and Julia Michaels fans will appreciate the style of pop, Madison is going for here with “Best Part of Me.” I thought the track was so good, that I had to go take a listen to a selection of her impressive, cover songs on YouTube. Her voice is simply stunning on these stripped-back offerings. Go check them HERE.

What I have learned in the last hour, I have spent with the music. It is time for Madison Olds to step out into the limelight and let her pop star shine out.

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