This is a moment that I have decisively chosen to take a break from the norm. The norm being that when exposing an emerging artist talent, I have more than just a cover song and a few social media shared seconds worth of snippets of upcoming material to go on. Let’s just say the gut feeling has well and truly taken over on this one and I’m left more than a little enthusiastically of the impression that when it comes to aspiring pop artist Lula there is every cause to be getting in the know early.

Moving up from a background in indie-folk to that of electronic pop, London based artist in development, singer / songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lula has seen fit to first issue a re-worked cover of the Sugababes “Overload” which acts in taster to the tracks that she has been actively working on with award winning songwriter / producer Pete “Boxsta” Martin. A fitting choice of track for the protégé to go with but not without co-incidence, considering Pete Martin has, infact worked with the Sugababes in the past, not to mention other notable artists on his role call like Jessie J, Danni Minogue and Natalia Kills.

It is evident that the earthiness which stems from Lula’s former music background strongly comes into play when delivering this somewhat exquisitely beguiling interpretation of the Sugababes classic, moreover, when teamed with Pete Martin’s synth revitalised production the adaptation makes for an equally spellbindingly fascinating introduction to a new artist.

With my appetite now keenly whetted to hear more, the wait maybe a short-term thing, since Lula’s studio material is noted online as having an anticipated arrival pencilled in for the early part of 2015. Here’s hoping in this instance, this is indeed the case.

I for one am simply won over in instant FASCINATION!