Lost Boy Crow

There has been mystery surrounding L.A. recording artist Lostboycrow ever since he began uploading tracks to Soundcloud a few months ago but at least as an emerging artist he has had the foresight to upload a decentish press picture rather than go down the route of masking himself beneath a symbol or an icon.

However, in this period to now of just mere months the enigmatic singer’s profile is definitely gaining ground, all as a result of the impressively pop suited content he has put out and as such, as another splendid new track has arrived to add to this number I think it’s about time we became fully aware of this notably promising up-and-coming new artist talent for ourselves.

To date Lostboycrow’s debut works have covered alternative leaning electronica embedded of R’n’B undertones sought on the track “Adolescent” whilst The Hype Machine toppling follow-up “Hiy Hiy” planted itself edging towards a more poppier direction of all of the above. On presenting themselves to the listening public there is no questioning that Lostboycrow’s evolving style is forming the perfect fit to capitalize on his gorgeously soulfully leaning vox.

As we come in on newly revealed track “Say You Want Me” there is much to form a glowing opinion about it. From the propulsive synths to the compellingly sweeping vocals and falsetto piqued highs that work up to create a mix of divinely rousing melody and harmonies. I see it as being totally jamtastic actually, and one that beckons the pressing of the repeat button, being that it is charismatically capturing of its sweeping effect. It’ll have entranced within a quick minute and as it’s mellifiously projected melody carries you away you’ll become clearly beware for yourselves why it is that it comes to a close way too soon.

Ah but that’s a marker to a good pop song! and it seems Lostboycrow has a few banked and ready to share with the world.

Everything I’ve heard thus far indicates that here is an artist who has potential enough to become viably successful, so here’s hoping in this instance that it maybe so!