Photo by Hannah Diamond

We haven’t done so as yet, but it’s time enough already to give it up for burgeoning pop concern LIZ!

First thing to note where LIZ is concerned is that she’s more than bright than as a button infact, she’s a whole boxful of rainbow tinted buttons all to herself. We wouldn’t give a second guess either that her wardrobe would be anything other than a technicolour wonderland of bubblegum hues to fully compliment her fizzingly pop empowering personality.

In advance of the unprecedently vibrant single “When I Rule The WorldLIZ has actively cemented a footing into the pop arena by entertaining the crowds when she went out on the road on tour alongside Charli XCX. So, can we begin to imagine what a candy feast of kitsch pop presence must have been experienced nightly under one roof. It’s a small wonder that Charli and LIZ haven’t paired up and honoured the world with a recording as yet. Hold that thought, there’s still time for that to happen!

We won’t dumb down the fact that we really embrace the ballsy loose cannon attitude of empowerment which “When I Rule The World” more than exhibits through its kaleidoscope of technipop colour.

To this end, you are forewarned. We are telling you straight on this. Chances are that if this track wasn’t already headed up in use for a TV commercial campaign for a leading mobile phone brand, we’d want in on it anyways. As once its choppy hooks infiltrate your mind space this one won’t leave you alone, you are done for. Being in all truth that it is quite the most popfectious track you’ll possibly hear all of today.

Reach for your bubblegum and party with LIZ EQ’s!