We only have to watch a tiny portion of the numerous TV talent shows to know there are an astounding amount of undiscovered singers who are getting by doing everyday jobs. When secretly they would give anything to have a shot at seeing where their talent might take them. On the other hand, there are those who carry on day-to-day never giving a thought of taking a step so courageous.

New York based Liz Asaro saw music as a hobby. She would pick up a guitar and sing songs around her home and was concentrating on being a wife and mother until friends began to comment she should consider taking the singing further.

Not only has Liz heeded the advice of her friends her haunting singing voice has attracted the attention of an incredible group of musicians, of whom she has been working with on her debut album. These include Blondie’s Guitarist, Tommy Kessler, Tim Lefebvre (bass), Duran Duran drummer, Sterling Campbell and Tom Mandel (keys). How is that for an impressive cast!

We can get a taste of whats in store on debut album “Rain” through introductory single “1000 Years“. The track puts Liz at a juncture between pop and rock, making exemplary use of Liz’s wonderfully unique vocal. Ethereal and powerful at the same time her voice is one of pure, clean bliss.

In keeping with our love of all things electronic, we are sharing the electrifying Adam Turner mix with you. It has the edge for us with its driving dance beat yet, in no way diminishes the alluring effect conveyed by Liz’s stunning vocal style. Demonstrating how versatile Liz’s voice is embracing a multitude of styles.

Find Liz Asaro on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lizasaromusic
Twitter: @LizAsaroMusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lizasaromusic