Levana Wolf

Levana Wolf is looking every inch an intriguing music artist with what appears to be an aesthetically rich presence on side, I feel.

This emerging talent is an Australian ex-pat who has embraced a London life and in bringing herself over to the UK has set to work with the assistance of Kylie, Little Mix and Nicole Scherzinger producer / songwriter Sarah deCourcy in bringing together material for a future upcoming debut album release.

To date Levana has worked her alternatively derived vocals on a re-worked version of Freemasons ‘Pegasus’ side project, track “Gorecki” whereupon Levana upheld a chillingly beguiling performance of some outreaching otherworldliness within these disco house tight walls of the dance-pop arena.

However, when it comes to her own material, striking debut effort “Renting Lies” indicates that Levana is taking steps to realise herself as an artist who is firmly bringing more than a thread of left-of-field creativity into a heady and innovatively sought electronic driven equation.

As “Renting Lies” blossoms from its theatrically dark spun exterior it is broken from an acutely regulated pattering rhythm pattern to become regaled in an intoxicating shimmering mix of poignantly piqued prima donna vocals encapsulating an ethereally scaling synth manifested direction.

This is quite the kind of music making which brings an impressive creative flow of artistry within its compositional fabric. It doesn’t challenge the listening palate too heavily only merely opening up an avenue of off-shoot contemporary alt-electronic exploration to revel in.

And by the design of Wolf/DeCourcy and “Renting Lies” there seems to be a fascinatingly interesting music project coming into view just over the horizon in the world of future electronic pop creation.