I feel like January is speeding by. Is anyone else feeling this way? I am craving something different in music today. A change of pace. When I am feeling like this, I usually pop on some tracks by The Sound Of Arrows. Allow my mind to drift away to their dreamy electronica. When I am occasionally introduced to an artist whose music defies trends. Sometimes, what I discover brings me unexpected happy joy. The song “If Only” by Leon Seti has affected me in similar ways, since I heard it recently.

According to information sent over to me. Leon Seti is an Italian musician based in London and Arezzo, Italy. His electronic style is soft and soothing, and he writes from a very personal place. Suitably, dreamy and chilled. If you are familiar with The Sound Of Arrows (which you should be if you read this music blog regularly). You are probably aware of the blissful magic that emanates from their music as being quite special. You then will appreciate the beautiful, nuanced track “If Only” by Leon Seti.

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The song’s eloquent lyrics express the feeling of depression. Seti wrote the song about a loved one who suffers from mental illness.

“It is very difficult to love a person when all they do is hurt you inadvertently”, he says. “When I’m there, I feel trapped, and when I’m not home I have nightmares. So, it’s like never really feeling happy anywhere. Mental illnesses are like anchors sometimes. They truly trap you and your loved ones in a loop.”

Mental wellbeing is becoming a topic of conversation, more and more. If you have been in a similar situation, you will absolutely relate to this eloquently worded song. I know I do. The track completely goes there. Evoking the emotions felt by those affected by these conditions.

In the soft electronic melody of “If Only“. I find calm, serenity and a sense of escapism.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leonseti
Twitter: https://twitter.com/leon_seti
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leonseti/