Flying the flag for emerging pop artists everywhere, newcomer Kirsty Grant from Scotland has proved a hit with her gloriously euphoric pop releases thus far. Similarly, starting with the 2021 debut EP “Chain Reaction” firmly establishing Kirsty on the music scene. Her skill for song crafting is noticeably apparent with each new release and where she is gaining favourable recognition from tastemakers. However, regardless of the success she has already received, she appears to have decided 2024 is the right time for breaking out. The song “Outerbody” is Kirsty’s first attempt this year to make 2024 her best year in music yet.

She has garnered an appreciative fanbase stemming from her stellar songwriting efforts. However, with the new track “Outerbody” she takes on a more emboldened pop style that is both anthemic and enlivened.

Question. Have you ever created a playlist that takes you on a journey through your favourite memories and feelings? That’s exactly what happened to Kirsty a few days before writing “Outerbody

She says…

A few days before we wrote it, I was in a queue for a concert and was making a playlist on Spotify and happened to name it “Outerbody”. I named it that as I was trying to piece together all of my favourite songs, and noticed that every track I was adding reminded me of a concert I’d been to, memories, or felt like escapism.” 

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Kirsty’s bold expression of the idea of escapism in her lyrics is truly captivating. The music that accompanies it is equally impressive, with a danceable soundscape that evokes a sense of euphoria and makes one feel like they’re transcending beyond reality. It’s a powerful combination that’s hard to resist!

Kirsty’s new song has such a fun and uplifting vibe that really sticks with you. She has captured a contagious and unforgettable feel-good atmosphere. With such an impressive start, I’m sure Kirsty’s future releases will be just as amazing, if not better.

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