I was sent the latest Khazali track, “Magic,” a few days ago and have been impressed with his unique blend of R’n’B and pop influences. Despite releasing music from 2016, owing to his less mainstream sound, I noticed he was not on my radar before. However, there are elements of pop in his music that will make it accessible to a greater audience. It is true to say Khazali was somewhat of a slow-burn rising star since he only released his debut EP “The Rush” last year. Although, more and more electronic influence had crept into his music since he teamed with the French label Kitsune Musique for this debut release.

His catchy earworm-like melodies are increasingly gaining popularity since Khazali is evermore on a dreamy synth-pop/RnB trajectory. Khazali’s music is captivating, and it’s great to see with “Magic” especially, how he’s evolving as an artist. “Magic” is another example of his ability to craft catchy melodies with lyrics that hit home. It’s evident that he’s not afraid to tackle heavy themes that deal with love and grief in his music, and that’s what sets him apart from other artists in the genre.

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Khazali’s new song “Magic” gives us a taste of his upcoming EP “Born For This” out on September 13. I’m excited to hear the full EP as it promises to bring together classic pop and modern sounds. Since the press release imparts, Khazali draws inspiration from his teenage record-sleeve collection from iconic records like Lady Gaga’s “The Fame”, Sam Smith’s “In the Lonely Hour”, Florence + the Machine’s “Lungs”, and Jungle‘s self-titled debut album is sure to make for a captivating and unique listening experience.

Overall, I think Khazali has a bright future ahead of him.

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