After a brief spell branded as a chart attacking pop princess in the making firstly as Vela, settled by a swift name change to Jenn D, former front-woman to the Liverpool based electro pop outfit Soft Toy Emergency, is know to be known simply as Jennifer Davies, since the fiercely cool pop artist has gone back to the drawing board and started over.

Even though it was vivaciously exhilarating short stint it is out with the princess pop, to be replaced with alt-pop pouty new beginnings taking in origins that were present from Jennifer’s Soft Toy Emergency days.

Working with Tord Knudsen famed for playing bass and keys for indie-new-wave-rock band the Wombats, Jennifer now steps forward brandishing a new 5 track EP “Lapse Of Time” which is stuffed to the gills with prestige alt-pop kitted out in synth pop tendancies.

Title track “Lapse Of Time” is a right bobby dazzler if we say so ourselves, it favours a soft goth punk edge which I am readily taken with, and quite honestly I crave that I find similarly more of incoming into the inbox.

The EP as a whole package is actually instantly available for FREE DOWNLOAD via – if you’re loved up with the likes of Charli XCX, Icona Pop, or Kitten believe me you’ll want in on the EP, which is streaming below!

Also each track in turn are be furnished with their own visuals. First out is “Lapse Of Time” where Jennifer sets free her inner Madonna in a “Ray of Light” visual rush of time lapse dizziness.

Lay it on us Jennifer Davies, we are more than a crazy for the new you!