Welsh pop proposition Jayelldee should see a fruitful 2016 going by the showing of her previous pop credentials which extend to vocal assist on master of grime, Wiley’s “Lickin Down The Spot” and also an appearance on the last Sub Focus album track “Out Of Reach”. The young burgeoning talent has been out of circulation for a while since though, readying her own material for release.

Believe us you are going to want to take note of Jayelldee as she’s hasn’t been messin’ in procuring her pop style whilst she has been out of the music spotlight. Much as Jayelldee’s second work profession of modelling lends, girl has an innate sense of crafting and creativity in all artistic endeavours she embarks upon.

There is a distinct hip-hop ethos to her all encompassed work, but as Jayelldee edges towards cementing a more serious crack at achieving a fully fledged breakthrough of her own doing, she has first delivered a searingly fierce electro-pop track called “Kill Ur Cool”, that you’d be most encouraged to wise up too.

If you like Charli XCX as much as we do here on EQ, you’re really going to warm to the whole diamond in the rough dynamic that Jayelldee’s lead track pertains too.

Kill Ur Cool“ has potential radio hit etched all over it, and I’d expect that in some way Jayelldee will start to gain some ground in this respect, over the coming months at least.

Either way I don’t think it’s going to be too long before Jayelldee boldy goes forth and side swipes past some of her considered new-comer competition, owing to her solid anchor of ingenuity and knowledge amassed on board already.

Jayelldee sounds much like a ready-made popstar to me.

When it comes to who might be considered BIG on our radar next year, and with Jayelldee producing high-end, honest to badass, razor sharp electronic pop of this calibre it is very much game on from here.