Here is one emerging artist who is taking on cinematically dark themed pop and making it a thing of quite some exquisite beauty.

Bristol born singer Harper is striking a resonant chord of esoteric felt energy in her works, brought about by a thoroughly modern approach which rather than grasping onto the trend of over bearing broodiness, looks to honing upon dynamically embraced aesthetics.

Indeed, Harper the alternative-pop making songbird has already begun to turn heads with her wonderfully haunting melodies all of these which have come to light already, are noted to be carried by such a naturally spun ethereally reaching vocal, that when first heard have the assuming power to captivate with Harper’s impressive sense of artistry.

I have only now discovered Harper’sVelvet” EP, yet all at once have become instantly smitten one by one with each of these eclectically splendid tracks. The EP is one you can just fall into and be taken away to a place of serenity, but it’s also refinely turned by the mingling of an enthrallingly diversified palate of soundscapes.

Presently, it is the track “Animal” which now is to come forth as a single. A song of arresting poignancy, yet there is also inner-reaching authentic beauty within it. Some of this beauty is translated in the aesthetically chosen performance visuals that accompany this truly sublime track.

It is quite rare to find a debut EP and singles that are quite so flawlessly thought out, but it is clear that Harper has a genuine sense of herself from the outset. It is this that makes this her so endearing to me and I absolutely feel that this will be the same thinking of countless others, as Harper’s profile begins to grow. Which given the calibre of tracks we are hearing here, it most surely will.