How many of you have discovered Grace Gaustad already? I have received a bit of press about them recently and therefore set about to check out their pop music efforts. Unfortunately, I tend to proceed with caution when I hear that an emerging act has amassed an impressive TikTok following. Simply because I am wary of viral success and crazes that are short-lived. However, the more I learn about Grace, I understand they are gathering momentum at a dizzying pace. Actually, there is a lot of substance and relevant artistry to their work. As music legends, I cannot ignore that Grace has earned cosigns from Lady Gaga and Mick Jagger. They know better what makes a bona fide pop star than anyone.

I cannot applaud the Gen Z pop maker enough for highlighting important issues addressed in their music. Being a, 21-year-old non-binary LA-based artist, they raise awareness on social topics affecting young people, such as bullying, mental health, sexuality and gender. Their latest project is the forthcoming multimedia concept album “PILLBX: whts ur fantasy?”. A body of work that segues their multi-skills and delves into the inner thoughts of teenage minds and experiences when merging into adulthood.

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“I refuse to conform to societal standards and expectations, so within the walls of my bedroom and studio, I created my own world, my own reality and my own rules. I invite anyone who has ever felt different, for any reason into the magical world known as PILLBX.” says Grace Gaustad.

Bringing people together, championing the marginalised, and focusing on the LGBTQIA+ community has always been their goal. Releasing the eighth single, “Nothing To Me” of the upcoming “PILLBX: whts ur fantasy?”. Grace deploys a fully formed, electrifying revenge anthem. 

Explaining the track Grace comments,

“Sometimes there is a blessing in disguise in betrayal and hurt. “Nothing To Me” represents regaining your confidence and identity after a heartbreak or traumatising experience.”

Grace Gaustad is making heads turn for sure. What comes next… recognition as the newest global pop sensation? Each and every one of their excellent tracks is glorious proof of that.

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