Evolving from indie rocking as front of house for now disbanded Chicago band Company Of Thieves, vocalist Genevieve Schatz is shaping her new solo career on a debut of stomping alt-pop and empoweringly motivational inclination.

Arriving as the pop emblazoned “Colors”, Genevieve makes light work of such a trailblazing debut effort, which is formed of a combo of raining back beats and sassy shooting from the hip vocal style, in as much as it appears to falls as spontaneously natural with her.

Colors” resonates with a real round up the troupes vibe of rousingly feel good energy matched lyrically with on-point motivational stimli :- “Life is your design, so go ahead design it!, Your star is in the sky so go ahead align it!

In Genevieve’s words:- “I invite you to jam out to this when you’re feeling awesome and beautiful or when you’re feeling icky, scared, bummed, or confused and remember that your life is your design and you can recreate the world in your own good vibes

In our words of summation:- Genevieve is providing a breath of fresh air with an infectiously, vibrant headbuzz, powered up to pop dizzying head turning heights!

Lock onto the full blown cheeriness of “Colors” below and be ready now for an automatic grin to take hold in the region above your chin.