It’s interesting to think about where all the emerging pop visionaries have disappeared to? For instance, it seems a long time since we’ve seen an emerging Scandinavian alternative pop artist like Kill J or Kerli grace the pages of the blog. That is why, I was especially thrilled to hear about Faunea, a captivating newcomer with Danish, Peruvian, and Asian roots. Moreover, it feels great to experience this kind of left-field pop music again since it inspires such creative artistic expression.

I see that Faunea has been making waves in the music industry with her 2020 track “Sound of Breaking,” which featured in the American Netflix series Tiny Pretty Things. In light of achievements like this that it’s impressive to note that, she subsequently launched her own record label and is releasing music as an independent artist. Her 2022 track “Satellites” marked the start of this new journey. And now she’s back with a captivating new song called “Jellyfish.” This is just a sneak peek at the exciting new music she has in store for us this autumn.

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It’s particuarly interesting to note for example, that in the song “Jellyfish“, Faunea uses the metaphor of a jellyfish when conveying the idea of being labelled and judged by others as soft, lazy, or unintelligent. In a world where everything is always changing. This is a powerful statement of resilience, self-discovery, and staying true to yourself. Similarly, through her music, Faunea is inspiring listeners to take her lead. To likewise embrace uniqueness and find strength in vulnerability.

In Faunea’s music, dreamy atmospheres and soft synthesisers create a unique space for her vocals to shine. The use of experimental club sounds combined with the catchy pop elements make for an entrancing musical experience.

Without hesitation, she is an artist on the rise, poised to capture the attention of music lovers everywhere. Keep an eye out for Faunea, as she may just be the next big thing in 2024.

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