If you are very keen eyed and a long time EQ reader, you might well be looking at Farra and might also be thinking to yourselves that there is something quite familiar about these guys.

Well of course it is the case that there should be a cause for recognition here as in previous outings, Farra first started out as the artist we knew as Ollie Wride, who in turn went onto to become a full blown glamtastic band set up tendered as Joywride.

During the swings and roundabouts of pop, the band now formerly known as Joywride have subsequently become Farra.

To go with the name change, comes the newly pumped debut single “Spotlights”, of which there is no need to fret none, as nothing of the confident coolness that went before has been lost in transition. If anything, Farra are gunning for more power pop edginess that ever before!

No prizes for entering into the lyrical depths behind “Spotlights”, as it indicates that it could well be documenting the story behind the actual happenings that have taken place within the band, since we last wrote about them.

Never ones to shy away from the electro rock attitude, the re-christening as Farra, appears to have given the band even more cause to bite down hard and play their electro-rocking cards out on the same table as the likes of the successfully ear grabbing power pop collective Breathe Carolina.

Fierce and fearless that seems to be exactly what Farra are about and we rather like it a whole lot already!

Farra are currently on a leg of a mini tour if you fancy it, but if not there’s always the ever enticing FREE DOWNLOAD to be sharpening up too.

FREE DOWNLOAD: “Spotlights” by Farra (Until April 21st 2014 only)