Up until now, my thoughts about rising pop artist Emma Blackery were, she was one of many emerging girl singers with a sweet voice apparently following in the footsteps of songstresses like Gabrielle Aplin and Lauren Aquilina. On last weeks New Music, Friday the rapidly rising UK pop star released “Dirt” a brand single together with supporting video. On first impressions colour me intrigued by this song “Dirt” as it doesn’t rouse, suspicions it’s going to be quite so cute and saccharine this time around.

Emma is back and in rare form, on the latest song. She’s got something to say, and she’s making no, bones about saying it out loud in her sassy song of revenge. Among keyboards, the mood is distinctly cool and contemplative yet also inviting and enveloping in its melodic richness. In complement to the twinkling melody, Emma serves shade of the unabashed kind as she sings “somebody’s gonna come out of this right on top. It’s gonna be you with the bruises because I’ve got dirt on you”.

Dirt” is the sound of brightly coloured, sugar-rushing rebellion developed from a matter-of-fact, observational writing style that perfectly mirrors the life experiences and thoughts of many frustrated teenagers across the world. It is a song that is honest and inspiring with a smattering of invincibility in many ways and gives listeners a lesson to hold on to, which makes it a gem in today’s pop music trends.

The music of Emma Blackery has definitely, turned a corner into a place where her poignant vocals glide and endear with a certain playfulness. The playful, personal touch is also prevalent in the video which sees’s the singer hanging out with her girlfriends, as if to say, honey, I don’t care, and it’s coming through loud and clear that she doesn’t! There is no doubt, Emma lays down her marker with devastating effect.

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