Let’s meet the dewy pop songstress Emie Nathan who has just released her sweet debut single “noman.”

I don’t know about you, but I am so ready to begin discovering some new voices in pop. Although, it is not like newcomers have stopped making their presence felt during the last year. Obviously many plans have been curbed or put on the back foot. Now really is the time to enliven the emerging new scene with renewed vigour. Emie who steps out to greet us with her angel voice on the shimmering track “noman,” is primed to catch the ear of music fans who have a penchant for luxuriating in lush, gorgeous and lyrically led pop stylings.

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While I appreciate that when live music does start back up again, most concert-goers will be eager to raise the roof and party the first chance they get. There will be those of us who are equally as happy to be spellbound by an enveloping soothing voice, that’s much like the one Emie Nathan possesses. This debut is ripe for a chilled, Sunday morning. Listening that’s pleasant to kick back and unwind with. That will more or less encourage us to do, exactly that.

What is this noman, the track, talks about? To be honest, I wasn’t sure and had to check whether it was a made-up word or not. Emie is using it as a way to emote her feelings about allowing herself to take accountability, and to be comfortable with feeling celebrated and seen by those who love her. In other words, it is her way of speaking about being self-deprecating. Although, I’d prefer to say she’s just a very humble person who probably likes to get on with things with minimal fuss. Super endearing. As a singer and new pop concern, Emie is exhibiting some fine skills and talent that are proving impossible to resist.

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