Downbeat Keys
When you got hot pop music going through your ears, your body begins to just flow. You just can’t stop like the waves crashing against the most gorgeous of beaches. Who would want THAT to stop? Well, it’s time for your body to get ready to lose control with the latest video from NYC’s own Downbeat Keys called “Fluid”.

There is something about when pop, soul and funky music meet in your ears there is something completely sexy about it. This is true about Downbeat KeysFluid”. If you’re new to DBK, Every track that DBK creates hits the right note in getting the world to let loose. The very funky song really gets to straight to the point as Kadahj Bennett’s (aka KB) vocals get into the real descriptive motions of the hot woman across the room. When you least expect it, KB hits you with a rap. Who needs a guest rapper when your own lead singer has a amazing flow?

With the orchestral backing electronics met with a funky guitar and bassline there is this synergy that will make you lose a tad bit of control of your limbs. Don’t worry, that’s what you’re supposed to feel. If you’re a stiff dancer, it will loosen you up and you too will move just like Fluid.

For the first video these guys have launched on the general public, you’ve got a clear introduction to what they have going. These dudes have spared no expense, with the hints of what I’ve heard to be quite electric live performances throughout; you’re teased with what you could expect from a live show. Then, you see the smooth moves of the woman in the track as KB becomes captivated as he follows her through the NY streets; he finally steps into her view and takes his opportunity to be hers. Her movement then becomes entrapped with a fluid like filter immersing you into KB’s eyesight.

The guys of Downbeat Keys are off to a real hot start, and I see a bright future for them as they put out amazing dance track after amazing dance track. So don’t let these waves of dancy goodness catch you off your feet. Check out DBK now.