EQ’s I have another exciting new artist for you to check out. His name is Dilan Skies, and he’s a British-Indian Singer/Songwriter and producer who grew up in North-West London. Dilan’s music career really took off during the pandemic lockdowns of 2021/22. His self-released tracks gained lots of attention, with over 100,000 streams without any promotion – that’s seriously impressive! Dilan’s music blends R’n’b, pop, and electronic influences, and his latest release, “No Love,” is his funk-filled masterpiece.

When I listened to Dilan’s song “No Love,” I immediately picked up on his music inspirations without needing a press release to point them out. The influences of Craig David and Justin Timberlake were loud and clearly evident. It’s not so often we hear about these particular late 90s artists being a source of inspiration nowadays. For this reason, I personally think we should take advantage of the heated-up beats and funky sounds that were popular back then. Since, bearing in mind, especially, they’re not often used in recent pop releases. It’s the perfect way to luxuriate in some retro-style feel-good music while the sun is still shining.

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I have to say, I really appreciate Dilan’s approach to music. His lyrical vibe is so authentic and refreshing. He’s not trying to push any kind of agenda or make a statement about social issues like so many artists do today. Instead, he draws inspiration from his friends and their personal stories, and he tells them in the most genuine way possible. I love that his music allows us to switch off our brains a bit, to simply enjoy the experience. It’s easy to get lost in his slinky vocals and funky grooves.

Dilan Skies’ ability to write, sing, and produce all of his own work is impressive, and this really shows in the quality of his music. There’s just something about his music that I couldn’t quite ignore. It is definitely playlist-friendly. When I found myself coming back to it, time and time again, I knew I must spotlight him as an Emerging Artist.

Connect with Dilan Skies
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Musicbydilan
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Musicbydilan/