Who couldn’t be left a little doe eyed at the super cuteness of aspiring popstar Daniel J, when a) he’s looking directly into our eyes only and b) he sings so damn beautifully!

To be honest it then shouldn’t come as no surprise to learn that Daniel J already has a committed legion of fans that he has accumulated via his YouTube covers, which now stand at over 30 million views altogether.

Question: That being said Daniel J must be doing something right, right?

Answer: The rising YouTube star most certainly is!

As Daniel J has sparked the interest of 5 Seconds Of Summer writer and producer Josh Wilkinson and over recent months the work team have been getting down some original material in a bid to elevate Daniel J from YouTube singer to bone fide popstar.

I don’t consider this a leap too far by any stretch of the imagination after listening to “I Won’t Let You Down” their first release together.

Whilst it might be the case for others, the move from acoustic YouTube covers to stripped down piano ballad is not a daunting one, since it has been Daniel J’s golden voice that has played the greatest part in his online achievements thus far.

It is clear that Daniel J has a vocal tone that most other 17 year olds would be rightly enviable of, having seen this himself at close hand, Josh Wilkinson has chosen right to showcase a performance such as this which exposes the strength and impressive capabilities of Daniel’s naturally gifted talent.

At the beginning of this article Daniel J was a pretty face looking out at us, at the close of this article we recognise that he is super talented and is deserving of future success.

Keep this up Daniel J, the pop world will be ready for you in no time at all.