I woke up in an odd mood today. Maybe my morning crankiness has something to do with checking out some submissions before I went to bed last night. Or, that. While skimming through my mail. I noticed Christmas tracks were arriving in my inbox. (Sorry, I am not a fan of Christmas themed pop songs, per se). Either way, a dose of unconventional pop suits me best today. It is just as well I feel like this because I had the debut single “sims” by Atlantic Records latest signing, corook, sent in. Like my mood today, the track is a quirky little morsel.

When I receive an Artist bio, it has usually written by someone on the artist’s press team. But with corook, this was not so. The one I received was self-written. How I howled with laughter when I read it because of the humour packed away in it. (And way much better than reading reams of boring facts).

The intro begins…

corook, aka Corinne Savage (yes, that’s her real last name), is a singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and a huge fuckin dork. No, but seriously. She can solve a Rubix cube in under a minute (depending on how she’s feeling that day)”. 

She also says, “one of her earliest and gayest memories was playing sims. And that she ate 1,420,699 cheese balls while filming the “sims” music video“.

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In the song, the “sims” she takes a look at her own insecurities. She also discusses what it felt like, first finding her footing in the music industry. It is necessary to know that everything she does is done with a good dose of humour. I think by celebrating her awkwardness, she has tapped into something good. I know appreciate it. Besides, I have news for corook. Being one myself, dorks are my favourite kind of people. And one last thing, I think your song is sick.

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