You’ll have heard Conrad Sewell’s voice already being that he is the featured collaborated artist alongside one of EDM’s most hyped prodigy’s, Norwegian producer Kygo’s recent chart bound single “Firestone” which incidentally was also written by Conrad, but how did this Brisbanite get this gig!

Well the hot new singer-songwriter talent on the rise, has been the support act partner of Mr chart topper himself Ed Sheeran on the Australian leg of Ed’s recent tour down under and Conrad has already amassed praise stateside also via TV appearances and showcase slots at both SXSW and Coachella.

So with all the above promo under his belt the time is right to step out into the spot light under his own esteem to show the public at large what Conrad Sewell is all about!

Let’s just say if you considered Conrad’s performance on “Firestone” to be nothing short of terrific, then you really haven’t heard any way all of what he can give yet because, Conrad’s debut single “Hold Me Up” has dropped and it is resolutely a powerhouse showcase of vocal grandeur. Oh yes Conrad hasn’t half got a set of pipes on him but with the soulful tonality in place as well, it’s plain to see why a feisty bidding war took place with major record labels tripping over themselves to secure Conrad as their next big star.

Now Conrad’s practically on the very hot tip with everyone that similarly like us too, instantly falls under the spell of his enormous vocal presence.

Quite simply the single “Hold Me Up” is superbly dooperly empowering and as strong a debut of any future major pop star with a rosy forecast ahead of them could possibly find their way to impact with.

Conrad’s vocals are more than a little noticeably reminiscent of Michael Jackson with a soulful side note of Sam Smith breaking through, and that EQ’s is a combination that we deem to be quite justifiably, we think you’ll agree, cooler than cool!