Once again the Swedes are showing everyone what great pop makers they are. This is singer-songwriter CILVR, she is based in Stockholm. She is an independent artist and has only recently begun launching her music into the online world. She seems to prefer, a quivering synth-pop style to bring about her organic ideas in the freshest way possible. Her yearning voice is emotive and beautifully alluring. If her mission from the outset was to spellbind with her quaint, elegant melodies, she has met her goal early on by way of her first two singles “Hideaway” and “Bound to Die.

When everyone is beginning to gear up for the holidays, putting their spin on covers of classic festive tunes. I prefer to give such things a wide berth, as I would rather pour favour on original tracks with distinctively chilly tones, instead. I see CILVR as being quite the purveyor of such wonderous, glittery morsels of pop. Whereby I can also heap praise on her songwriting abilities and vocal artistry to a greater extent. Like with “Bound to Die” the current release because it is all of these things, built with throbs of emotion and driven by a knowing pulse of technology.

Speaking on the motivation behind “Bound to Die,” CILVR explains:

“Bound to Die was written in a small city in the North of Sweden. It’s about a breakup and the feelings you have when you’re trying to move on from something. The song paints a picture of the feeling when you’ve decided to separate but still need each other.”

To be honest, you can feel a palpable ache bleed out from the elixir of sonic textured harmonies, flanked with CILVR’s polished and perfect vocal. The overall mood of the song is boundlessly endearing. The catchy chorus is surprisingly bolstered with skippy beats which in parts make the song quite danceable. Frankly, it is rather gorgeous and seriously addictive. Guaranteed to be on repeat until the New Year.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cilvrmusic/