I had some homework to do last weekend. After stumbling upon the track “it’s a landslide” by indie-popster beaux (South) one of the Dirty Hit labels (The 1975, Wolf Alice, Pale Waves) latest acquisitions. I became extremely excited by the commentary style of songwriting and the dreamy musicality of the Surrey born singer-songwriter. Actually, there is quite a lot of press to read about the Dirty Hit signee. I did find myself going down the rabbit hole because of the amount of stuff that kept flagging up, but I did learn some cool things about beaux, nonetheless.

He’s a self-taught musician/artist.

He got signed to Dirty Hit after sending a DM to label honcho Jamie Oborne, immediately after seeing The 1975 headline Leeds and Reading festival.

He thinks “Best Song Ever” is One Directions greatest song.

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Listening to “it’s a landslide” for the first time, I felt myself sink into the lush vibes of the track. The feeling was rather like the experience of sinking your head into the plushness of a comfy newly bought pillow. I felt like I was transported to a dreamlike place where marshmallow clouds glided in the sky the way soft downy feathers do. The production is so soothing in style. That, when teamed with beaux’s dreamy vocals. this makes the production as a whole even more lush and blissful.

It did occur to me that being caught up in a landslide shouldn’t feel this nice. beaux uses the term as a metaphor for explaining his feeling about the breaking-down of a relationship. The lyrics may be tinged with melancholy but musically the track is anything but brooding. So shimmery and glistening in exquisite distinctiveness. The lyrics aren’t particularly chirpy or joyful, but nonetheless, the music makes you feel, warm and fuzzy and good inside.

beaux is both utterly listenable and relevant. And I have fallen charmed by his soft pop stylings. I fully intend to keep a close eye on his progress. As I am of the feeling, he’s on the cusp of breaking out and a good contender for tastemakers year-end selections.

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