Happy Tuesday, EQ readers. I am simply in a state of buzz about Babymorocco today’s blog post. Let me explain…

I stumbled upon a new artist discovery yesterday I hadn’t planned to feature on the blog. However, sometimes, I must do what the pop gods telepathically instruct me. Therefore, I bite the bullet, break free from the schedule and go with the flow instead.

It happened during one of my many daily doom-scrolling missions through social media. I came across a video clip from The Great Escape festival about an incredibly talented artist named Babymorocco. (They are one of the first 50 acts lined up for next years festival). I was so intrigued by what I saw and heard that my music blogger instinct immediately kicked in. I couldn’t resist doing some research about them. In fact, I was so invested in learning more about this amazing artist, that in my urgency for Babymorocco knowledge, I hastily scoffed my dinner last night.

You see, the video clip I glimpsed looked so energised and fun that I needed to find out for myself about this curious artist cooking up a storm of experimental electronics. ‘As sugary as it is dirty‘.

“London-based musician Babymorocco preaches from the Church of the Club. His poppy; experimental electronica is as sugary as it is dirty, a melange of ‘filthy house beats and pure, unadulterated donk.” (Artist bio).

The debut, “The Sound” EP, is a groovalicious experience, comprised of hyper-pop beats and attention-seeking sexy electro-pop. The EP consists of seven tracks that reminded me of the music by Calvin Harris and Basshunter from the 2000s yet, with a twist of techno beats and strong thumpa thumpa basslines present. It’s rare to come across music like this in 2023, but this EP resoundingly, delivers.

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I know that the music might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Yet, that’s what good art is all about… dividing opinion. Although he appears aloof and quirky. If anyone thinks making music is his way of taking the piss, they couldn’t be more wrong. Babymorocco, aka Clayton Pettet, is one to stir the pot for arts sake. In fact, he is serious about his creative art endeavours. He gained a lot of attention and media frenzy almost ten years ago. Because of a massively hyped performance piece that happened during his art school days. (Google it for yourselves).

As seen countless times. When artists push boundaries and challenge the status quo, they are exciting to watch. Babymorocco is definitely one to watch in that regard.

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