Are you ready for BabyAngel69? More’s to the point are you ready for the fizzing, disco, electro-pop of Hawaii residing BabyAngel69? I have never had the pleasure of writing about a music artist based out of Hawaii before. The only pop artist that I have been aware of, putting Hawaii on the music map up until this point was the “Uptown Funk” crooner Bruno Mars. What else does the island have to offer us music, wise? Methinks we should find out and that I properly introduce you to BabyAngel69, post haste.

While still breaking out as a music artist Baby has already been many things, they were once a dancer for Fischerspooner and Dorian Electra. Further ventures in earning their stripes have also included performing at Charli XCX tour afterparties throughout the US. Their journey to the release of the debut effort “Cruel Intentions” has been nothing if not artily creative. Baby has danced hard and partied harder, but putting that all behind them the focus has now switched back onto music. Because, this time they are the instigator of their own, disco-tinged dance bops.

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The music oozes equally as much technicolour and iridescence, (Baby explains, “I just wanted it to be unapologetically rainbow but in a fresh way“), as contained in the hot music video which has been simultaneously released with the song. A loving homage to queer icons, which Baby describes as “George Michael through the lens of Britney Spears”. The clip directed and shot by Eli Schmidt depicts the singer twerking out a dance routine that in normal times would be a common occurrence at a G-A-Y or Heaven party night. The parties haven’t re-started yet and sure, there are lots of catching up to do. With “Cruel Intentions” BabyAngel69 strikes while the iron is hot, leads the way back to the clubs and the dancefloor. Jolting our memory a little bit as to what it feels like and what it is about. By way of a bubbly electropop song that tells the tale of being sexually attracted to someone who you know doesn’t serve you.

Emerging like a rainbow coloured butterfly BabyAngel69 is giving us their unabashedly queer and sassy vision of electro-pop. Earworm alert. Most definitely a catchy bop. Enjoy!

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