When looking at today’s female pop acts, especially those that we consider spearhead the genre. There is a point of fact scenario which associates artists like Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce with strong personas and ideals.

Can we say the same of today’s male pop artistes, though? The answer is not in the same way, or neither to equal extent.

There are those that are seeking to show themselves in their true light, as being provocative as pop’s leading ladies and tearing up the conventional rule book. To a lesser extent these male artists remain on the left-of-field perimeter though, mustering up a cult following and status. Patrick Wolf has been doing so for years! Although, it is sadly true to say, we just don’t readily see this extent of expressionism and breaking of gender conventions coming through with such dominance when pertaining to male artists.

It is heartening to learn of Asbjørn Toftdahl Terkelsen, a young Danish pop-kid who is striving forward, much in the thinking of strong artistic aesthetics and vision, all with addressing an honest approach through the uninhibited narrative content at the forefront of his work.

Asbjørn will be releasing his celebrated sophomore album “Pseudo Visions” here in the UK in November. As seen through a striking collection of visuals and emotively expressive, experimental electronica, which forms a powerful conceptual aesthetic in advocating without prejudice and discrimination a shift for gender norms.

The “Pseudo Visions” series leads with “Brotherhood”. A track which explores Asbjørn’s experiences of boy-to-boy friendships in his formative years. Of which, there is a heavy onus on the visual attributes and symbolism pertaining to a locked room leading to light flooding in through an opened door. Concepts representative of first feeling isolated to realising his true self and becoming empowered through the strength of positivity.
What can now be said of the music, is that it is deliciously off-centre, built of skittering beats and dreamy auras. Making it suitably beguiling with an intriguingly compelling allure, faceted via a highly ingenious approach of intelligently stylised composition.

This is music which is in a special league of its own. Revealing Asbjørn as an intuitively outstanding emerging talent, who exhibits the prowess, capability and artistic flair to see him continue upon his journey and make impressive headway into achieving a high degree of illustrious acclaim within the experimental electronic arena for some time to come.

I genuinely feel invigorated by Asbjørn’s body of work. What a truly inspiring and expressive individual he is.

WOW just WOW!