Asami Zdrenka press image 01

Here’s a familiar face to the pages of EQ! Albeit we’re more familiar to seeing this particular lovely young lady flanked by three further foxy females! Asami’s name might not be one that you instantly recognise but you should of course recollect her as being one quarter of popular feisty girl band Neon Jungle.

As Neon Jungle the girls gave us one of our complete favourite albums of last year and sadly all too thereafter, it came to an end.

Heavyhearted were we when the announcement came, but we are now done grieving over the demise of Neon Jungle and are eager to see what comes forward from each of the talented ladies.

So it is Asami who is first up on the billing in looking towards establishing a solo career. Currently the singer is working on and recording material for her first solo efforts.

And clearly Asami is eager to keep on singing her little heart out, since before anything original comes out she’s picked out three of her favourite songs and is presenting them as a trilogy of live covers.

First to debut is Asami’s rendition of “Only Love Can Break Your Heart” by either Neil Young or St Etienne – more importantly in whichever version you might remember it most. We’re taking it that to mean that it’d be the St Etienne version, which most springs to mind with the EQ readers, naturally!

Asami’s interpretation actually doesn’t stray too much in difference from that of St Etienne’s. This being said, it also fully brings to light that Asami absolutely has the purpose of vocal command which is required of solo artiste.

Hopefully it isn’t just me that’s picking up on the feels of a certain Mutya Buena going on here, either. Like totally!