We had a ton of fun last night at our second installment of Electroqueer@Barcode. We’ll have some other performance pix coming soon, but for now here’s a little mini-review of the night…

  • Electrovamp were amazing – they played their new song "Drinks Taste Better When They’re Free" and rocked the crowd with their snappy hooks and sassy looks.
  • Juvelen – totally out of this world.  We were proud to play host to one of his first ever London appearances.  A lot of people came specifically to see Juvelen – some even rushing over from the Hercules and Love Affair show to catch our fave swede of the moment singing "Don’t Mess" and "Hanna" and "Watch Your Step".
  • Charli XCX was adorable – she had on the biggest neon pink poodle skirt you’ve ever seen!  Images of Madonna throwing herself on the floor during the "Like A Virgin" days seemed to come to my mind after watching Charli!
  • The Good Natured was phenomenal.  Not only has she sold out her "Warriors" EP already, she really has got that something special – Sarah is just the nicest girl you’ll ever meet too – Her whole family were there too which made her performance even that more special.
  • Cassette Electrik – we got them on first so Lucy could pack for Bestival today, but they were great.  I’m loving their new single "28 Days" so much now after having seen them live a few times.  I still can’t wait to get their video on EQ so you can see what exactly all the hype is about!
  • State City Disco – PURE FUN to the end.  They brought a level of energy to the crowd that you weren’t quite expecting and their tunes are getting stronger and stronger and it’s great to see them developing!
  • Stefan D’Bart – our host with the most flew in quickly from Paris for us as poor Swany was under the weather for this show.  It’s always a pleasure to see Mr. D’Bart charm the audience as only he can do!
  • DJ Adamis – still a legend as you would expect.  Adamis spinned a healthy dose of Red Blooded Women, Juvelen, Antigone, Temposhark, Lady Gaga, James Leon and Electrovamp throughout the night.  There were a few surprises too like the Madonna vs. Cassius remix of "Into The Groove" and even New Kids On The Block’s featuring Lady Gaga with "Big Girl Now"!   

More on the night as the photos begin to hit the web later…Thanks to everyone who came out and showed their undying support of keeping quality electropop alive and well in London!  Send in your photos to [email protected] too!