The Ultrasonics at Electroqueer@Barcode – Snaps by MAC Photography

I’m sitting here at my laptop in utter awe.  Last night’s launch of Electroqueer@Barcode was so amazing.  I can’t begin to tell you how pleased we all are with the turnout and how great the live acts were.  We had a wonderful launch night and we most definitely will be planning another party very very soon for you all.  We’ll have a proper post with pictures and such later, but for now, you’ll have to appease me with my shout-outs about last night’s "One To Watch" as described by Boyz Magazine…

  • DJ Adamis has now officially moved up to god-like status in my books.  Not only did the man mix in crowd-pleasing and hard pounding electro favorites, it was great to hear him spin some quality EQ tunage like Temposhark’s "Blame", Darren Hayes "Let’s Go", Doe Deere’s "One Touch", Sergey’s "Girlfriend" and The Electric Dolls "Baps R Bakin".  DJ Adamis – you truly are a legend and I’m going to enjoy watching your star shine brighter and brighter.  And where the hell he found an electro remix of Duffy’s "Mercy" is beyond me…just utterly amazing.  And huge thanks to Mel to who pitched in when duty called!  I will forever be your Popshow bitch if you ever need one!  LOL.
  • Swany from Switch22 did a fantastic job as MC on the night, we couldn’t have found a better MC who really understood what the night was all about.  Swany welcomed the acts to the stage so gracefully and enthusiastically.  Thank you Swany for being the best MC a blog could ever ask for.
  • Being the "sound guy" for a launch night such as Electroqueer is no easy task but our sound guy Peter Bowles was just amazing.  Not only did he deliver the first ever live music night at Barcode, but he really helped us all remain calm while nerves were tense about the first night.  Thanks Peter for being so wonderful at what you do and for really pitching in when we needed you.  Squeezy hugs.
  • Antigone – the crowd fucking loved you and I kept getting asked if I was your manager.  So obviously not, but it goes to show you that people really responded to your music and stage presence and here’s to "More Man Than Man" blowing up on 14th of July.
  • The Ultrasonics – wow.  Just wow.  Johanna and her troupe of dancers were flawless on the night.  Despite my issue in trying to get them decent lighting for the backstage area, they really looked and sounded incredible.  Did you see how many people were singing "Perfect Girl" in the audience?!  True professionals and I couldn’t be happier you were at the first EQ night.
  • Paleday – Awww, I could just squeezy hug Anthony all night from Paleday.  He and Sam delivered a flawless performance on the night and brought the house down with their disco triumph.  In retrospect, it was a great idea to mix in some fun disco with the electro acts – it was the right combination and Paleday certainly delivered the goods.  I am forever a "Eurotramp" now.
  • Madison – Bang Bang!  Who’s that boy?!  It’s Madison and Sarah on stage and you’re set was full of surprises and I was literally enthralled.  Never in a million years did I expect you to do a cover of Robyn’s "With Every Heartbeat" either.  You have to put that on your album when it’s finished…it’s the best cover of that song I’ve ever heard…and a lot of people have been covering it!
  • James Leon – you opened the show and you couldn’t have been any cooler!  I know you’ve "Never Been Cool" but you’re always ace in my books.  No other act defines retro 80’s mod like you do and I felt privileged to have you on the bill that night.  You brought it and we loved it. 
  • Sylvia Powell – The door hostess with the mostess.  Girl, let me tell you, I needed you last night big time.  I couldn’t have done what you did so well.  Knowing you were there greeting and convincing people to part with their 4 quid was such a relief.  I am so happy to call you a friend in real-life…ok, gonna get all mushy now.
  • Dan Theo – thanks for your dedication and belief in EQ.  You really got us some great coverage and exposure and I don’t think I ever met so many new people in my life.  I’m lucky to have met you and long live The O!  Anyone needing a good publicist, Dan Theo is your man and I’d be happy to do an introduction.
  • Nik Pate – I’m really happy you were there taking snaps.  You’re such a glorious talent and I’m so excited to see your snaps in the press!  I worship you and your camera!
  • Mandy – I so wish I could have spent the whole night hanging out with you and you don’t know how much it meant to me that you made the trip!  I wept when I got your little pressie too.  EQ is nothing without you girlfriend! 
  • And finally, let me say a huge thanks to Gerilicious who put up with me being "the busy promoter" with little spare time for the last month.  It takes a lot of patience to be with me and even though I was in a million places at once last night, you stood by me and I’m so happy you are my fiancee.  I am really looking forward to escaping to New York City with you. 

Thanks to everyone who came and showed your support and for all of those discovering EQ for the first time last night, we hope you’ll stick with us for more fun and excitement on this blog in the months to come.  Bringing fresh new pop and electronic music to you is what we live for and seeing the huge smiles on everyone’s faces last night was the biggest paycheck this electropop blogger and his musically-minded mates could ever ask for.

Hugz – Raj 🙂