Hey Electoqueer readers!

Do you want to guest blog for us?!  Electroqueer is looking for some cool readers who have stellar taste in music that wouldn’t mind guest blogging for us from time-to-time.  You must be able to write (obviously) and have a deep appreciation for all things new music.  As you know, it’s not all about electro and pop music – we welcome all music genres at Electroqueer.  So if you’re interested – get in touch!  Our boyfriend will be ever so happy too as he complains we spend more time on Electroqueer than with him…Note to self – buy boyfriend nice Italian wine tonight and that gnocchi he loves so much…

Also – Electroqueer is ALL about the fans.  We are planning on doing a regular feature on Electroqueer fans and friends that make this blog exactly what it is today.  We’ve been enjoying phenomenal growth and interest and we want to give back to you, the readers.  So basically what we are saying is – we want to write about YOU!  Yes you, sitting at your computer.  So get in touch – it’s helpful if you have a MySpace profile and a fun little story to tell us about how you came about Electroqueer.  Don’t be shy – send us a MySpace message today…you never know, you could be gracing the pages of Electroqueer in the near future! 

And finally – a fan (who wishes to remain nameless) told us that Paul Zapping and ourselves were the Debbie Gibson and Tiffany of new music blogs respectively.  WE FUCKING LOVE THAT.  And, I’m sure that Paul Zapping won’t mind that comment either…just don’t expect us to hate each other in the press – we love each other too much to rip the other’s hair extensions out!