OK – it’s official. Emma Bunton is our favourite solo Spice. We recently had a long hard think about which solo spice’s music we enjoyed the most and the answer was a suprising Emma Bunton! Now we really used to champion Geri Halliwell, but where did that girl go?! For as long as we can think, we have always liked Emma’s songs and even her cover versions. The only song we didn’t care for was from her first album ‘We’re Not Gonna Sleep Tonight’ which was awful. But in comparison to all her other hits and misses, she’s actually, well, quite good. Electroqueer had the opportunity to see Emma perform recently at G.A.Y. and she was lots of fun and if you’ve noticed, ‘Take Me To Another Town’ quickly shot to the top of the Electroqueer chart this week!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Emma from the states-side, here is a list of recommended Downloads for you – we know you will fall in love with her 60’s inspired songs just like we have.

What I Am [featuring Tin Tin Out] : cover version of the Edie Brickell and New Bohemians classic
What Took You So Long : Her first official solo hit and one of our favourites
Maybe : Emma’s first flashback to the 60’s
Crickets Sing For Anamaria: we hear this is also a cover version, but it’s cool.
Free Me: love this song – very very sexy
Downtown : cover version and very camp
Life in Mono :
cover version of the Mono hit from the 80’s which everyone says could be a Bond theme
Take Me To Another Town : nothing more to explain – fabulous!

Here is Emma’s latest video to ‘Downtown’