Newspic2273_2Every so once in awhile, a boy band comes along that makes us jump with excitement.  What is it?  Their good voices?  Their good looks?  Nope…not at all – It just so happens that Phixx have a knack for creating good 80’s inspired electro tracks that stand out amongst other boy band mediocracy.  Blending a mix of retro, pop, melody and sexuality (band members Andrew Kinlochan and Nikk Mager are openly gay), Phixx certainly are an undiscovered gem.

Phixx first came to our attention last year when they launched their debut single ‘Hold On Me’ which was a UK top 10 hit.  It was later followed by ‘Love Revolution’ – a track that blended a sample of Depeche Mode’s ‘Enjoy The Silence’ mixed with 80’s hair band flair.  It was an audio delight, but the nail was hit on the head when their video portrayed them as sexy underground vampires.  We haven’t seen bravado like that in a long time!  The singles ‘Wild Boys’ (a solid Duran Duran cover) and ‘Strange Love’ followed and it seems we have now seen the last of Phixx.

Now we all know to expect boy bands to break up (unless you are living cash cows like Westlife), but we are holding a special good luck charm for Phixx that they will sustain the long haul as they are in our opinion – way ahead of their time. 

Phixx’s album ‘Electrophonic Revolution’ is a bit hard to find as it was only released in South Africa but their first four singles are easy to find on Amazon UK.  If you are lucky to snag a copy of thier album, you will treated to a couple other brilliant Phixx songs like ‘Voyeur’ and ‘Let’s Go All The Way’ (another brill 80’s cover).

For a look at Phixx in action – check out the video to ‘Love Revolution’ and you’ll see what we mean.