2195_849479316_nelly_furtado_04_h005407_We at Electroqueer love Nelly Furtado.  There has been a lot of hype surrounding the Canadian singer’s latest album entitled ‘Loose’ which drops in the UK on 12th June (almost two weeks before the official US release).  Her hot new track had it’s video premiere in the UK and is called ‘Maneater’ which is produced by Timbaland.  Now some may argue that Nelly is selling out a little by hiring some of the hottest musical collaborators behind Justin Timberlake on her latest album, but we at Electroqueer think it’s a good move.  Nelly has always been hugely underrated and under-appreciated and we love to see her get the limelight she deserves.  When we first heard Nelly’s debut song ‘I’m Like A Bird’ we immediately went out and bought her album ‘Whoa Nelly!’…we thought it was either gonna be shite or really good.  And, to our surprise, it was really really really good!  We never miss Nelly when she tours the UK and you shouldn’t miss her either. 

Essential Nelly Furtado songs you must own:
I’m Like A Bird’
‘Turn Off The Light’
‘Shit On The Radio (Remember The Days)’

And don’t forget to download ‘Maneater’ (UK debut single) and ‘Promiscuous‘ (US debut single) when they make their ways onto the download services.  If you look really hard, you can find them online….