Back in the day of Martha Quinn, Starship, Tears For Fears, and Glass Tiger, there was an emerging electronic/dance band that we used to listen to with utter glee called Nu Shooz. Valerie Day and John Smith were the faces of this rather cool collaboration and had two massive US singles called ‘I Can’t Wait’ and ‘Point Of No Return’ which were firm MTV favorites. Their album ‘Poolside’ went gold and they even toured with Tina Turner!

Twenty years later, the duo are still together doing more contemporary jazzy and soul recordings but they haven’t forgot about the tune that made them famous as they have re-recorded a 20th anniversary single of ‘I Can’t Wait’ that is available to download on US iTunes. So in today’s Electroqueer Retro Rewind, we go back to the days of Nu Shooz – one unforgettable act in EQ history.  Check out their MySpace to hear the new re-recording of ‘I Can’t Wait’!

I Can’t Wait

Point Of No Return