Back in 2005 Electroqueer discovered the musical stylings of Kristian Leontiou. The press hailed him the ‘New Male Dido’ and we quickly fell charmed to his musical genius. Kristian’s debut album ‘Some Day Soon’ garnered some great pop hits and it all seemed to be going very well for Kristian. But what happened to him? We do hear Kristian is working on some new material and we will let you know as soon as it’s available! Electroqueer asks that you ‘don’t forget about’ Kristian and download some of his brilliant tracks as soon as you can.

Download these great Kristian Leontiou tracks now:

Story Of My Life: Kristian’s debut single which showcases his great vocal ability.
Shining: Our favourite Kristian L. track – very touching.
Some Say: If you can find the radio version of this track – it’s much better. But the album version is pretty good too.
Fast Car: Yes this is a remake of the timeless Tracy Chapman track. This is by far one of my favourite songs of all time and Kristian does it well.

Check out Kristian’s MySpace Page: