Kellyandodg_1Now stop right there, we know what you’re thinking…but if you give us just a second of your time, we would be eternally happy.  OK here goes…We at Electroqueer love Kelly Osbourne and Lindsay Lohan!  Why you ask, well we can’t stress enough how good Kelly’s ‘Sleeping In The Nothing‘ album is.  If you can look beyond the tabloid headlines which seem to get more attention than her music does, you will find some really good electro-inspired music that would even make Kraftwerk smile.  The same holds true for Lindsay Lohan’s albums ‘A Little More Personal‘ and ‘Speak‘.  Both these chicas deserve some kudos for making such fine pop albums and we truly hope that someday the rest of the ‘I’m too scared of pop music’ haters will cave in and agree with us. 

Now if you live in the UK, no doubt you will have heard of Kelly Osbourne, but the only exposure you may have had to Lindsay Lohan is all those eating disorder headlines she seems to rile up in the Heat Magazine offices…so for a little more info on our featured chica of today go to