The Human League

Only the confident and accomplished would boldly take on the challenge of beefing up an 80’s seminal classic such as The Human League’s signature track “Don’t You Want Me”.

It is always a worry that tampering with a much loved and well known song, that is never going to make the grade as much as the original that remains in the memory as a golden moment of pop.  Fear not though, there are those that when brought up to speed with the newest production techniques it is a very good thing indeed.

As case in point, The Human League’s iconic track “Don’t You Want Me” is in good hands and has received a badboy monster overhaul by Papercha$er,  a mystery team collective of established & well respected dance producers that came together over the past year or so, to combine & rock their progressive house EDM vibes on some of the heavyweights of pop yesteryear and of today.

Freshly re-imagined with a propulsive heady dance beat and slick ‘n’ tidy production  behind it, “Don’t You Want Me” is once again a force of the dance floor and shapeshifted to slamming house perfection.