Dolly Rockers are on the brink of explosion! 

Just today they announced a free download of “Je Suis Une Dolly” for everyone and you can go grab it over at their official website for the next five days!

Signed to EMI, these spunky ladies are on a mission to take over the world with their Dolly power and British sensibility – EQ couldn’t be more excited for them.  Having listened to their sampler a few weeks ago, it’s firmly stuck on repeat – they really have got that something special. 

Dolly Rockers will be headlining EQ @ Underbelly on June 26th alongside Dean Lennon as well.  We’ll be interviewing the lovely ladies on Wednesday too, so if you got any burning questions for them, make sure to send them to [email protected]

Dolly Rockers also show us how to make punch – just the way I like it…