First things first – Electroqueer@BarCode (The Return!) was sensational last week!  Juvelen was my undisputed hero of the night – what a talent.  He has some great mixes too: check out the Mike Downey mix of "Hanna" and the Team Skidoo mix of "Don’t Mess". I also enjoyed playing superstar sisters Electrovamp’s new single "Drinks Taste Better When They’re Free", the Papa Vito Mix of Charli XCX’s "Emeline" and of course the Electro mix of Cassette Electrik’s "Leaving". Big thanks to everyone involved.

Original material rules of course, but you can’t beat hearing a familiar tune – or better still, a banging new mix of a familiar tune – when your out dancin’.  My current favourite is the Steve Forest & Paul Simon mix of "Been A Long Time" by Nicola "I’m-a-boy" Fasano vs Yoshimoto.  Especially loving the rave synth pads behind the chorus, which can also be heard in the ace Chriss Ortega mash-up of "Freed From Desire".  Those damn synths bring a tear to my eye!

Talking of tears, this wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory mention of Eric "I-still-don’t-know-how-to-pronounce" Prydz’s "Pjanoo", which has rightfully taken its place at the top end of the charts.  It seems to be one of those rare songs that is so perfect as to be unmixable – witness the disappointing selection of mixes available – even by my hero Fred Falke!  You don’t mess with the best, and that is the Original Club mix.

And finally, a newsflash: I changed the ‘s’ to an ‘x’ – my new DJ name is Adamix and this is my new myspace: Add me!