Darren Hayes has just now unleashed his new video to ‘Me Myself and I’ which you can view in stunning high-quality over at his website here, or in YouTube quality here.

The single will be released 5 November and will be chock full of goodness from what we hear!

This is the slickest video production Darren Hayes has ever done in my opinion – it’s also one of the coolest electro songs he’s ever put out and I am so happy he chose this one as a single! 

Reports have also been flying in all over about Darren’s fantastic show in Glasgow last night!  I’ll be off to the Brighton show on Friday in which I will give you my two cents worth this weekend hopefully!  I kinda already know I won’t be disappointed!  It’s tempting to read all about it now, but I am restraining myself…

Great job Darren!