It’s no secret that I’ve been trying to get some alone time with international pop sensation Darin for quite some time now – either by phone or “in the flesh”. Being one of Sweden and Germany’s biggest pop stars, I was lucky enough to well – land an email interview with him. But hey, I’m totally not complaining. His new album “Lovekiller” is absolutely outstanding – a pop triumph – and in this EQ interview with the wondrous uber talent that is Darin, the gifted young performer (and well, let’s just say it “hearthrob”) talks about some of his favorite moments from “Lovekiller”, his advice for young Joe McElderry, his musical ambitions and where he wants to hang up his hat on holiday. Enjoy.

Well hello Darin – I’m very excited to talk to you today – big fan of your music and we’ve wanted to chat to you for a long time here at EQ. Where have I caught you today – Sweden? Travelling?
Thank you, I’m in Stockholm today where I’m signing the “Lovekiller” album and I’m also performing at NRJ in the park later.

So album number five coming out very soon. What does it feel like to be releasing your fifth album “Lovekiller”?
It feels great, I found out that it went gold yesterday so I’m really happy!

I love the title track – it’s so epic – is “Lovekiller” based on personal experience or was it just a track that you really identified with? Why did you choose “Lovekiller” as the basis and theme for the entire album?
“Lovekiller” is a dark story that I made up and it was the first song that I wrote for the album and when it was finished I knew that I wanted the rest of the album to have the same sound.


What tracks off of “Lovekiller” are you looking most forward to the public hearing? I hear the last track on the album “I’ll Be Alright” is one of your favorites.
It’s hard to pick but i think “I’ll Be Alright” and “Microphone” are my two favorite songs. I’ll be alright is a song that touches you, it’s very emotional and close in a way and “Microphone” has got a lot of power, I like the lyrics and it makes you wanna move.

You’ve kinda grown up in the industry from inexperienced young boy to polished pop sensation in just a matter of a few years. Whenever you see the footage of yourself on Idol doing that first audition – what goes through your head now? You truly are one of Idol’s success stories.
I feel really blessed that I’ve made it this far and that I’m able to share my music with other people, cause it’s really my passion in life.

Having released four albums now and working with so many talented people (RedOne, Robyn, Max Martin, Leona Lewis) is there any other musical ambition you have? Anyone you’d like to work with or collaborate with?
I still haven’t done anything with Darkchild yet, that would be cool.

Speaking of Robyn, what do you think of Body Talk parts 1 & 2? She seems to be flying the Swedish flag internationally now and has really taken off abroad. Is she a role model for you?
We’re really different music-wise, but I think she’s really good.

Wow! Even as an old man – Darin still is a “Lovekiller”.

We hear you have written some songs for our last X Factor winner Joe McElderry here in the UK. What do you think of Joe? Is it a bit surreal to write songs for an X Factor winner, knowing that you’ve lived through the incredible journey he is about to embark on? Any advice for Joe?
He’s really good person and very talented. I don’t think I need to give him any advice, I think he’ll do great!

Although you are quite big in Sweden and Germany – you still have yet to crack the UK. I really wanted you to breakthrough with “Breathing Your Love” but it didn’t seem to happen which is just odd. Any plans to promote “Lovekiller” here in the UK or even America? With Justin Timberlake seemingly focusing on urban music, there is a bit of gap for you to come in and take over – dont you think?
Thanks, Yeah that is absolutely one of my big goals to share my music with the rest of the world.

After your done promoting “Lovekiller” where is the first place you are going to book a holiday for? You’ve must have visited a ton of places, but where is the one place on planet Earth where Darin can just kick back, put his feet up and sing “Don’t worry be happy”?
[Laughs] I like Spain, Berlin and I’ve always wanted to go to Brazil.

That’s it Darin – thanks so much for your time – any parting words for our EQ readers?
Thank you and I hope to see you soon in the UK!